About us


By working tirelessly Kamal Raabta Technology has become a reliable name in IT industry of Pakistan. We believe in exceeding the client’s satisfaction through utmost and prompt professional services. Constant efforts and ability to offer high quality solutions to the clients has put us at the cutting edge of technology and excellence.

Designing and developing the solutions is not like having your breakfast, it’s the passion that drives you to come up with something out of the blues to astonish the world. With a large scale critical system deployment, Kamal Raabta Technology designed solutions are fulfilling client’s needs, adding life to their businesses and thus keeping them at the cutting edge of technology. Playing with technology and thinking about codes is the desired recreation of Kamal Raabta Technologyians. We love to do the impossible. From the inception of the idea to its refinement and from technology selection to implementation, proper documentation, designing, and conversation are the points which are considered the most.

With our core philosophy of providing IT solutions to entire business community, we aim to give the business environment a technological touch. We have a wide variety products and services for automating and re-engineering the business processes. But functionality is not the only factor we are concerned with, we provide feasible solutions that add values in business. The look, feel, efficiency and effectiveness factors are playing leading role in our user friendly applications and client can feel the difference in first look. Our designing team is continuously involved in making the applications aesthetically striking and spectacular.

Kamal Raabta Technology offers its clients a collection of services including Web Development, Software Development Services, online Portals, Hosting & Management, Business Process Solutions

How we can provide you better solution

Team Work

Working as a team allows team members to take more risks, as they have the support of the entire group to fall back on in case of failure. Conversely, sharing success as a team is a bonding experience.

Client Satisfaction

Providing a great customer service will satisfy both us and our Clients. They get a proper service, we get a proper revenue and everyone is happy. As simple as that.

Skilled Technicians

During Hiring we focus on technical skills an candidate have. Because when a customer calls with a need, they want to know that their technician is capable to give a better solution

Daily Support

This is a key differentiation as it not only enhances the overall customer experience, but also allows you to capitalize on important opportunities for proactive customer engagement